There are risks associated with hillwalking. In order to minimize these risks, we ask that all club members seriously consider the information on this page. Safety starts with each club member preparing for the walk in the right way! If you have any queries in relation to the content on this page, contact us.

Gear List

Essential gear list
  • Waterproof outer-jacket with hood
  • Waterproof over-trousers
  • Waterproof hillwalking boots (not runners and not hillwalking shoes)
  • Warm gloves (preferably waterproof)
  • Warm hat
  • For a bottom layer wear walking trousers or tracksuit bottoms (not jeans!)
  • For top layers include a fleece or a warm sweater. Bringing several thinner warm layers instead of one bulky layer is better as you have more options to add or remove layers throughout the day.
  • Thick socks
  • Day rucksack
  • Water to drink
  • A packed lunch for the day (plus some spare food in case of an emergency). High energy foods are recommended.
  • First Aid Kit (to include plasters and blister pads)
  • Torch (preferably a head torch)
  • Whistle
  • Sun protection cream
  • Dry clothes to leave in the car, for after the walk.
Useful Gear Items
  • Gaiters
  • Map and Compass
  • For a top layer, a dri-flow top, which wicks perspiration away from your skin, is very useful
  • A flask
  • A windproof fleece
  • Bivvy bag (survival bag)
  • Foil blanket
  • Mobile phone and mapping apps
  • Battery bank
  • Buff
  • Penknife or multi-tool

Safety on the walk

Please phone the walk leader before the walk. The walk leader will explain to you the nature and difficulty level of the walk and answer any questions on the walk. For new members, be honest about your previous hillwalking experience. The walk leader will be just trying to ascertain the needs of the people on the walk.

If, at any stage on the walk, you feel unwell, don’t suffer in silence, alert the walk leader. Do not leave the walk without consulting the walk leader. If, for some reason, you cannot complete the walk, the walk leader will make arrangements for the walk to be cut short or for someone to accompany you back to the cars.

The walk leader will find the best places to cross streams and other obstacles so go with this and don’t take unnecessary risks. Please ensure all your personal belongings are out of sight in the boot of your car at the start of the walk as there has been a number of instances of cars being broken into while people are walking.

In an emergency

  • The emergency signal is six blasts on the whistle or six flashes of the torch
  • To call Mountain Rescue dial 999 or 112
  • If possible get the group to a safe and sheltered place
  • Keep any casualties warm and as comfortable as possible
  • If possible, leave somebody to care for the casualty while others in the group descend to get help


Mountaineering Ireland provides insurance for members – it is included in the membership fee that you pay to Bluestack Ramblers Walking Club. Mountaineering Ireland insurance is mainly Civil Liability cover – this protects you if another person sues you (e.g. for negligence). Some Personal Accident cover is also included.

Public Liability

This is injury or damage to third-party property or persons. All club members are covered while participating in any of the above activities on a worldwide basis either on a club activity or on an individual activity. Public Liability also provides cover for; 

  • Professional Indemnity, which protects (for example) the role of leaders and coaches in the event of a loss occurring to another.
  • Libel and Slander Protection, which protects the club and its Officers in the event of being sued for unintentional libel/slander, e.g. emails, bulletins, website
  • Directors’ and Officers’ Protection: This covers club officers / members of committees in their capacity as decision makers on club business.

The cover is also provided specifically for:

  • Legal Defence Costs
  • Child Welfare, Protection and Vulnerable Adults Cover
Permanent Injury Personal Accident Cover

Personal Accident cover provides members with a fixed benefit if they are unfortunate enough to suffer a permanent injury while engaged in one of the activities covered by our policy. 

Cover provides for:

  1. Death € 10,000  Death Under 18 €2,000
  2. Loss of Limbs (two or more), Loss of Sight in both eyes, Loss of Speech and/or Loss of Hearing in both Ears €75, 000 
  3. Loss of Hearing in one ear/loss of sight in one eye/loss of one limb: €18,750 
  4. Loss of Limb and loss of sight €56, 250
  5. Permanent Total Disablement*: €75, 000 
  6. Medical Expenses sustained in 3 or 4: €5, 000
  7. Emergency Dental: €750

Please visit the Mountaineering Ireland website for a full overview of what their insurance policy includes and excludes.

Please like Donegal Mountain Rescue Team FB page for updates and support.